Surveying is the core to any land development project since the survey supplies the initial data required for all field engineering or construction activity.

The heart of any good design; civil or structural; commercial, residential or industrial; is the field measurements or survey of the existing features.  Dumack Engineering has the expertise to present the proper completion of your project with an accurate boundary or topographic survey.  We utilize the latest robotic survey equipment & GPS to ensure the highest precision and accuracy.

We perform single or multi-disciplined surveys on parcels ranging in size from small residential lots up to large commercial and industrial complexes.

We have followed civil & structural design projects from start to finish, existing features data collection to the layout of the proposed improvements, to the final as-built of the completed construction.  We have extensive experience with the requirements for ALTA Surveys, Fema Flood Elevation Certificates & LOMA’s, structural asbuilt conditions, wetland & septic surveys.

Surveying Services at Dumack Engineering include:

•           Topographic Surveys

•           Boundary Surveys

•           ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

•           Utility and Location Surveys

•           Land Preservation and Environmental Surveys

•           Preparation of Legal Descriptions and Exhibits

•           Construction Stakeout

•           Right-of-Way Acquisition Plans

•           As-Constructed Record Surveys (as-builts)

•           GIS Data Acquisition and Mapping

•           Monitoring and Deformation Surveys (settlement, movement)

For general surveying questions or specific project related inquiries, please e-mail our survey department at