Clean, safe water is essential to life—whether it’s drinking water, water for habitat, or water as the gateway to a community.

Dumack Engineering has helped provide safe, abundant water supplies, effective treatment of stormwater and wastewater, flood control and restoration tools, and watershed protection approaches to assess, protect, and restore our water bodies. Because Dumack is involved in all phases of the water cycle, we use a truly integrated approach to manage our waters with a combination of state-of-the-art techniques and demonstrated best practices.

We continually strive to make our solutions clearer and more efficient. HOW?


  • Water quality assessments
  • Source water protection
  • Designated uses and water quality standards
  • Flood control and drainage master plans
  • Disaster prevention and contingency planning
  • Stormwater management and Best Management Practices  
  • Erosion control
  • Stream channel restoration
  • Dam stabilization and removal
  • Regulatory compliance and support
  • Permitting
  • Storage
  • Treatment and Purification Plants