Dumack has broad based experience in structural design. With over 55 years in the practice of engineering, Dumack Engineering is an authority in the structural field.

We are intimately familiar with the structural requirements of high wind and seismic design code requirements both nationally and internationally.

The structural department has extensive experience in the design of industrial structures from hoppers, bins and silos utilized in the power and utility industry to three-hundred-foot-high process structures and facilities, to residential and commercial buildings.

We provide services to conduct structural investigations and feasibility studies of existing buildings as well as other structures.

We have long-standing relationships with architects and are called upon to handle new designs throughout the tri-state area as well as across the country.  We have a long-standing track (duplicate wording) record for accomplishing existing building structural evaluations and renovations design.

For general structural engineering questions or specific project related inquiries, please e-mail our structural department at structural@dumack.com.